Soffit and Fascia

Vinyl soffit is a very low maintenance answer to scraping and painting the house overhangs every number of years. Never get on a step ladder to paint the under side of the roof overhang again by installing vinyl. Many colors and styles to choose from such as traditional vinyl, beaded soffit, hidden vent soffit and smith or wood grain fascia.

Being aesthetically pleasing is not the only benefit of vinyl soffit and fascia. The vented soffit can adequately vent an attic prolonging shingles on roof by not baking from underneath. Keeping attic temperature cool is paramount to extended roof life.

Proper installation will help to ensure it remains in place over the years and during storms. Use highly trained and skilled installers to make sure the job is done right the first time. New soffit and fascia will complete the appearance of your home. That’s why professional installation is highly recommended.


  • Energy Savings
  • Helps provide ventilation to the attic area.
  • Protection from insects, rodents, and other “invaders” out of your home.
  • Lengthens lifespan of roof.
  • Helps improve your home’s curb appeal.


We can provide the services you need on any residential home, manufactured home, townhouse or condo.

  • We offer labor warranty and manufacturer warranty.
  • We work with our customers’ schedules.
  • We ensure quality of work and accuracy of installation.
  • We use strict safety guidelines to protect our workers.
  • We remove the debris when we complete our work.

Helping you add to the beauty and value of your home while at the same time making it more energy-efficient and low-maintenance. Your neighbors will be jealous at how nice your home looks, while making a great financial investment. Call today for a free evaluation.

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